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  1. i would like to be added please

  2. I want to post under an alias, how can I do that? Your system says my choice of pennames was not 'verified', please tell me how I can 'verify' a screen name. Thanks. Now for my entry post.

    Hi, I'm writing to you on a too, too beautiful wednesday morning, Feb. 20th. I'm in Northern California, Marin County. I just stumbled onto this site. My question is 'where is everybody?'. I expected to see more postings. It could be that this is a rather NEW site, and as a consequence, is largely unknown. It could also be that most poster/writers are posting very short pieces on Facebook or Twitter.

    I confess, I'm subject to a 'writer's vanity', and I would like to think that were I to post, many folks could see and comment on my posting were they so inclined. Is'nt that what most of us here really want? To share our thoughts and impressions of the day"? I'm one of those 50+ y/o guys who chose not to go on facebook. I prefer to write more than what Twitter allows, as you can see for yourself. I would like reactions from others for my future postings, pro or con, so long as it's fairly respectful. Maybe I should just keep 'walking around' on Inside Liberals, walk around and slowly take in what is already posted, what seems to be a popular topic. I went to your Chat Room, and guess what? Nobody was chatting! Hope to hear from someone out there soon. If no one responds to this posting by, say a week, I will then know, that low posting/ response/ reaction is the normal routine at this site for the time being.
    I will open every 'door' in this house at least once before I guess nobody'd home till maybe after Spring Break, or Labor Day. LOL