Monday, May 13, 2013

UPDATED: Gosnell found guilty of 3 counts of Murder

Update: 6:55 5/13/13

I was wrong. Kermit Gosnell has been found guilty of 3 counts of Murder, in the late term abortion deaths of 3 infants, and was acquitted of a fourth murder charge. He was also found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the overdose death of an adult patient. I have never been so happy to be wrong. :)  Now we enter the penalty phase of the trial. The jury will hear evidence in the penalty phase and must decide if Gosnell will get the death penalty.

I wonder if Gosnell's age will be a factor. He is in his 70's and no one has been executed in PA for 13 years, and No one who appealed has been executed since 1962. It doesn't really look promising. Also add to those dismal numbers, is the fact that the average time from sentencing to death is 15 years, and longer in Pennsylvania.  Gosnell would be crowding 90 before he was executed.

Time will tell. Either way, the butcher from Philly will kill no more.

It appears the Kermit Gosnell case is headed for a hung jury.  Deliberations about the Philadelphia butcher, have reached the 10th day, and the judge instructed them to go back to deliberation. If the Jury cannot make a decision, then the trial will effectively be a hung jury and Gosnell will walk free, until the state goes for another trial. IF they go for another trial. He appeared happy and confident in court today, smiling and shaking hands with his attorney’s. He smells the victory. At this point considering the overwhelming evidence that was found a mistrial would be a victory for the defense.
evil gosnell

My prediction is this guy will walk for now.  They charged him with over 250 charges which can be confusing for a jury to decipher and sort through. It makes for a complicated deliberation. I personally think they would’ve done better to stick with the Murder charges and tack on some of the more serious ones for good measure, but the truth is, after 10 days and a note to the judge that they are hopelessly deadlocked generally equals mistrial. I predict that the prosecution will likely seek a second trial, but seeing as how the media was so lackluster about the first trial a second trial will be even worse.
People will forget about this evil butcher. They will forget the evil that is in abortion clinics. They will lose interest. The lack of MSM coverage, and the lack of outrage by channels like NBC, CBS, CNN, ABC, etc… will allow this man to quietly slide into oblivion. The grisly images, of the freezer full of dead baby remains will be forgotten.
fetal remains

The inhuman conditions, and the disgusting unsanitary practices. The assembly line style murder of innocents will be forgotten. He will be found guilty in his second trial, but get a slap on the wrist. I hope I am wrong. I have seen this type of thing before. People in America are notoriously ADD. They forget something as soon as it ceases to be scandalous news. The truth is, the media just didn’t want to talk about it. They would rather pretend that this is some isolated thing, and it doesn’t happen in abortion mills all over the country.  I won’t stop talking about it. I wont stop harping on it. I will never give up. I will post updates to this trial on my website and try to get the word out. We should NEVER allow this butcher to walk among humanity.
Never forget:
Gosnell sick

Rest in Peace Little one.


Don’t forget it. Force the DA to go for a second trial. This man needs to be in prison. Forever.

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