Thursday, May 16, 2013

Gay Male Denied Chance To Run for Prom Queen. Outrage ensues

Coy Villasenor, made waves in the  Hays Consolidated Independent School District, when he tried to run for prom queen.  He is an openly gay student who says he identifies as female. He wears makeup and fills in his eyebrows, but he still wears male clothing. He says that prom queen would’ve been more appropriate for his role. However, his school was having none of it. They forbid him from running for prom queen. The school district issued a statement: “Requiring male students who are legally male and who present themselves as male to run in the male category and female students who are legally female and who present themselves as female to run in the female category – protects the equal access for male and female students to each achieve a place on the prom court.”
Well naturally outrage ensued. Coy said, “I wear foundation, I fill in my eyebrows, I take care of myself how a female should. I mean the king’s title is more masculine and the queen is someone who rules with a gentle hand and that’s how I am.”  Then the liberal folk got themselves involved. The Gay rights organization Equality Texas issued a statement: “We believe a person is male or female based on their personal gender identity and not on physiology or what the state decides to put on an identification card, spokesperson Lisa Scheps said.
The young man has filed a grievance with the school district saying, “It’s about standing up for who you are, being confident, loving yourself and just being open without anybody telling you, you can’t do it or it’s not okay to do it, Society sees it as an issue. I see it as just someone expressing who you are.” He says he filed the grievance to help other students in the future. He doesn’t want them to feel slighted as he does. He wanted to be the next Sergio Garcia, who became the first male prom queen in Fairfax. Hell, they even look a bit alike.
Article286099_Sergio Prom Queen 1

Look, this is nothing to get outraged, and angry over. He looks like a boy. Why is it so all fired important to be prom queen anyway. Out of all the rights I can think of for Gay people to quibble over, the right to be prom queen is low on the list. Is there nothing that can’t just be left alone? I get it that he feels he should be allowed to be prom queen. Well, I have news for you, young man. You were born a male. You look like a male, and you identify as homosexual. If you were a woman and liked men you wouldn’t be homosexual now would you? Just because you slap on some makeup now and again doesn’t mean you are a woman. I mean, geez, I used to wear my husbands shirts to bed once in a while, it didn’t make me a man.
I think the real issue, is attention whoring. Someone felt the need to be the center of attention and get a news blurb on fox news. Everyone in school will either feel sorry for him or hate his guts, but he certainly wont be ignored. He has assured his place in the high school hall of fame at that school. Apparently for some, being the center of attention is a way of life. My advice is simple. Let the girls have their prom queen and grow up a little. Enjoy your life. Stop looking for other people to validate your way of life. If you are strong, and so happy with yourself why do you feel the need for constant approval and acceptance from the rest of society? Get over yourself, you just aren’t that important in the grand scheme of things.


  1. Well, he certainly LOOKS like a queen.

  2. I take offense at his statement that he said: "I wear foundation, I fill in my eyebrows, I take care of myself how a female should." By his standard, I am not a female because I do not 'wear foundation' or 'fill in my eyebrows'. This is quite ridiculous. I was born a female and am still quite a female. Good grief!

  3. God is out of our schools, and this stuff is in it. I'd rather have it the other way around.