Thursday, January 24, 2013

This is the It!

If you are under the belief that the problems we face as a nation are due to extreme liberal policies then you are probably under the belief that Obama is the problem. That's not the case. The problem is we the people. We the people chose President Barack Obama to return back to the White House for a second term not only in the electorate, but in the popular vote. I refuse to believe we are a country full of "takers" or that we are a "liberal" nation. That's not to say we are a "conservative" nation. We are a free nation. A nation that values the individual over the state. A nation that leads other nations into great causes (e.g. WWII). Now every other superpower in the world is different from the US. European superpowers run socialized health care, have strict regulations on guns, and take care of everyone from cradle to grave. That is why places like Greece are having problems. But for every other nation in the world, there is somewhere to run to. The US. What Obama wants to do is turn us into another European nanny state. The 50,000 Canadians that fled to the US last year for health care reasons won't have anywhere to turn in 2014 when the same exact system is in place here. But that's what people in this country want to be. Or at least that's what the left wing zealots will tell you. But I don't believe that. I think that Mitt Romney wasn't the man for the hour and that David Axelrod and the Obama machine did a terrific job in selling his case to the American people. I don't know, I'm just one man with a blog. 

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