Friday, December 7, 2012

Why Conservative Economic Views Are Right, And Why Obama and the Left's are Wrong

With all the talk and rhetoric I'm sure you've heard from the media, and with all that's going on in washington, I'm sure that liberal teacher, co-worker, friend, ect. has brought up how Republicans are evil and how Obama is the second coming, so here are just a  points to bring up to various talking points liberals will throw in your face:

Liberal Fallacy #1 (LF): Obama is trying to the economy forward and all Republicans are doing is say "No" to everything he tries

Conservative Answer Using Logic #1 (CAL): The reason that Republicans are disagreeing with what Obama is putting forth (and let's not pretend that the democrats didn't do the same under George W. Bush) is because his agenda and what he wants to do to this country is absurd. We have never seen such radical policy shoved down the throat of, not only congress, but of the American people.

LF #2: Higher taxes are better for the economy

CAL #2: Actually that's just not true. Higher taxes hurt the economy for a couple of reasons. First, taxing small businesses, causes these businesses to fire people. That's not so good for the unemployment rate is it now? Second, taxing people in general is not good because it takes money out of the pockets from the consumer and investor. When people have less money, they spend, which means that companies are making less money. The same with investment. If you raise income tax people have less money to invest and put in the economy, and raising the capital gains tax will deter people from investing the little money they have left, because the risk outweighs the reward.

LF #3: The economy isn't that bad under Obama, it's seen improvement.

CAL #2: That's not true as well (wow this seems to be a common theme among liberals), the median average household income has dropped $4,000; the price of gas went up $2; Obama has somehow managed to raise the debt more than all of the other presidents in the history of the United States of America, by adding roughly six trillion dollars; the misery index in the US went up by a little under than 2 points (which if you are not familiar with the misery index, is a lot); the amount of states with "high unemployment" has doubled under Obama's tenure; We still haven't gotten back to the unemployment rates that were inherited when Obama took office. Overall, the facts are overwhelming.

LF #4: It's all Bush, this is his fault!

CAL #2: If this is all Bush, explain to me why the debt has been raised in one term of Obama, the amount Bushed raised in two terms. Also, if this is Bush's fault, why hasn't your messiah Obama fixed everything like you were fooled into thinking in 08' and last November? In fact, things have gotten worse. In his first term, Reagan didn't complain about Jimmy Carter, instead he put into place policies that worked and got Americans back on their feet. If you want to blame Bush, fine, go ahead, but a day will come where this excuse will no longer work, and it shouldn't work now.

LF #5: If Obama is so bad, and people are suffering, then why did he win the election, both the electorate and general?

CAL #5: This is probably the most reasonable argument liberals have, but still is wrong. This can be attributed to a couple of reasons. For starters, Romney wasn't exactly the best candidate the republicans had ever seen. David Axelrod painted him as a greedy, snobbish, tax dodging, ignorant (to the problems that normal Americans faced), cold man (I think Romney did this to himself a little bit, and the primaries definitely hurt him). Also, Romney played it relatively safe, while he was behind in the polls. In politics, only play it safe when you are ahead. When you are behind, you've got nothing to lose, that's the time to make a daring move. Romney made the mistake of not attacking Obama on Benghazi. If Romney brought it up at the third debate, the media would have had to cover Benghazi, but because he didn't the liberal media ignored the story to give Obama political points (or should I say took political points away from Romney). Also, 47% (148,520,000) of this country is receiving some type of entitlement from the government. It's not like suddenly they're all gonna wake up one day and say, "Gee. I want to stop getting my paycheck from the government, how do I do that? Vote Romney!" Instead the exact opposite happened. Obama won the popular by 3 million votes. Romney didn't have a shot in hell when all these people who are TAKING from the government and not GIVING think that Romney will rob them of what they're getting. It has nothing to do with people being happy with the economy.

Hope this helps.

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