Friday, December 7, 2012

Obama (Or Someone in his Administration) is No Idiot

Sometimes you hear from the right, this outcry of how stupid Obama is, how he's ignorant and doesn't know how the economy works. Well, I'm not here to argue he's the #1 source on how to get the economy moving, but he's a genius. Back in 08' I thought, "Here is this senator who speaks pretty well and he's got his act down, but he's not a threat to Republicans because he's just not smart enough. He wasn't smart enough to know that if he wants to be president, that he needed to do at least something while in the senate. Plus, we don't really know if his policies work, because we haven't seen any bills sponsored by him go into effect." But unfortunately, just like last november, I was wrong about Obama's charisma, appeal, and charm, which carried the day. But that's not all. Someone, maybe Obama, maybe Axelrod, has been making political moves up there with the likes of Karl Rove and Lee Atwater (remember him). While there are tons of political moves which I could talk to you about, there's no need to dwell on the past, let me give you two examples happening right now. First, Obama refused to compromise with Boehner, whom he knows will do what it takes to compromise, so Boehner keeps coming back to Obama making better deals for him, which makes him seem unprincipled and causes and even bigger divide among the republican party (as if the rift between the tea party people and the moderates wasn't big enough) which makes an ineffective party, making it easier to for the democrats to pass their agenda. Second, Obama wants to see the middle class and the upper class get taxed higher. Much higher. So he will keep refusing Boehner's offers and then when he dramatically raises taxes, Obama will say, "Well Republicans couldn't meet in the middle and I was forced to raise taxes" coming out looking like roses. Click here if you want to know more about the scary truth.

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