Friday, December 28, 2012

Do Senate and House Democrats Want to Go Over the Cliff?

With all the bickering, and no real plan being put forward by the Democrats (in the House or Senate), one has to wonder do the Democrats want us to go over the cliff? Let's look at what will happen if we do go over the cliff. One, the Bush Tax Cuts will no longer be in effect, which will be a win for the Democrats who, for the most part, loath the Bush Tax Cuts. Two,  military spending will be slashed, another win for Democrats. When these two things go into effect (and these won't be the only two), and we have a worsened economy, the blame will go to House Republicans. I can already hear the talking points on MSNBC "It's the Republicans fault we are in all this trouble, they wouldn't agree to anything Obama said during the time leading up to the fiscal cliff". Well, what the Democratic Party stands for and wants, is what will happen if we go over the cliff. So going over the cliff or singing on to the bullshit that Harry Reid and Obama put forward will give us the exact same results, because they are the exact same things. It's not the Republicans who are not willing to get rid of this problem. It's the Democrats.

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