Thursday, December 20, 2012

Boehner to Push Plan B, White House Says Veto

I never thought he had it in him. I really did. I though Bohner would go along with what Obama said and spew a bunch of BS and in the end, try to get enough support for a liberal leaning "compromise" even though everyone would know that the bill was the farthest thing from a compromise. Well, Boehner announced, essentially, one big "fuck you" towards the white house and senate democrats. How did he do this? By putting out a bill that he knows will get through the house, but will leave it up to Obama to get his democratic buddies in the senate to let this go through, and then not veto it, so that the American public doesn't see the largest increase in taxes under his administration, and when all hell breaks looses economically because of the tax increase, Obama will have nobody to blame but himself (but don't think he won't try to blame others). The problem is, some Tea Party people (and I am not blaming them) are saying that Republicans should not vote "yay" on this, because the problem is spending, not taxes, and if this passes Republicans will lose their majority in the House come 2014. And Plan B does raise taxes on people making over $1 million. I'm not taking a side on the issue. I have my beliefs on taxes generally speaking and for the top earners, but those are irrelevant. They are irrelevant because this is a better alternative to the tax increases that would come along with not passing this.  I just hope this gets through, so the problem I described for Obama earlier in this post will happen. I don't know what the outcome of this situation will be, but if history is any indicator, when your side in politics is divided, and the other side isn't, the other side generally comes out as the winner.

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