Monday, December 24, 2012

Are Armed School Officers the Way to Go?

I've heard some rumble over the idea that there should be armed guards at schools and, quite frankly, I don't know what it's about. Having armed guards at schools is the greatest idea I've heard emerge from the deathly shooting that took place in Newton, Connecticut. How is it a bad idea? When criminals and other evil people get guns, an armed officer will at least have an opportunity to stop them from entering the school. People opposed to this, are only opposed to this because it conflicts with their no gun message, and is a sensible alternative.

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  1. I feel that having an armend person or people at school is a great idea. It would help stop or try and stop so many people that should not die from diying at all. With this last school shooting, it breaks my heart that so many kids had to die from one person that had a bad heart and probbly had a sick mind and needed the help from a doctor. We as americans needs to find ways to help people like him to get help. So by having several people armed at our school i would feel a little more at easy that our kids can go back to school.

  2. Great points Anonymous, We would love to have you write for us, as you sound very intelligent and you seem to get it. Go to the Contact Us page, and please give us your email and a little message letting us know that this is you. Thanks for the comment!

  3. Stop and think about it for a moment. What would the outcome of the Newton shooting had been, if the principal of the school had been armed? What would have happened, had she been able to take cover and exchange gunfire with Adam Lanza? Possibly, she would have been killed, but isn't it just as likely that she would have been able to either drive him off, kill or incapacitate him, or hold him off until the police arrived? Would that have not been preferable to her lunging at him, unarmed and bare handed, only to be killed for her futile efforts? I believe it would have been and the percentages that she would have been able to save those children from being murdered are very high.

    1. LD you hit the jackpot. That's exactly the reasoning behind having armed teachers and school administrators. Would you like to write for Inside Liberals? Please fill out the contact form and apply, we would love to have you.