Monday, November 12, 2012

The White House and Washington

So I think that by now you have probably heard about the Petraeus scandal that has erupted. Before I give my commentary on the whole issue let's just give some facts:

  • David Petraeus was CIA director during Benghazi
  • People on the ground say that Benghazi was a terrorist attack, but Petraeus says it was something spontaneous due to a video
  • An affair with his photographer comes out
  • Petraeus Resigns
  • He is no longer scheduled to testify, but instead the #2 guy in the CIA Michael Morell
  • Petraeus's mistress tells the press that Petraeus told her it was a terrorist attack because the CIA had Libyan militia members in captivity and the attack was in hope to retrieve the captured men
  • The decision to give a seal team to the consulate, as requested, was President Obama's
I find it a little convenient that Petraeus resigned, and the this whole scandal just came out, after the election and before his testimony was due. I do find it very overwhelming that Petraeus's mistress is saying what she is saying, I think it just proves how poor of a leader Barack Obama is.

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