Sunday, November 11, 2012

Way Out There Hollywood

Now this page will probably be written about a little less then the other two, but non the lees you should definitely check this out. Aside from Clint Eastwood and Reagan, pretty much every actor and celebrity is liberal (yes there are others, I just named those two because they are outspoken conservatives). Now movies influence society a lot, and I won't lie, I love movies, the good ones especially. But you need to recognize that to most movies that may seem on the surface like they are just there for you to watch a shooting scene, of for you to cry (ehemmm pixar), but a lot of movies have an underlying message, and that message is most of the time liberal. And as you read this blog you see me use the "L" word a lot, and that is because it is convenient. I am sorry if using the "L" has a negative connotation attached (as it should) but some things are just liberal.

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