Thursday, November 15, 2012

The White House and Washington

At a press conference yesterday, President Obama dodged more than the Grand Caravan (a little dry wit to lighten the mood). He just was given so much wiggle room from the leftist media, that he could dictate the press conference and answer questions however he liked with no bad press. The only person who asked him a legitimate question on Benghazi was Ed Henry (Fox News White House Correspondent) and President Obama somehow managed to maneuver that, although he had to stay on topic a little more than usual, which I think made him a little uncomfortable. If the press keeps this up, someday we will only hear what the liberals want us to. Keep reading if you want to know the scary truth.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Way Out There Hollywood

Get Out of Politics Steven Spielberg!

The movie Lincoln is getting a little attention recently, but not for a good reason. It appears as though the movie is trying to convey a message to President Obama, that message being you have all this power, use it. The movie is about how Lincoln abolished slavery, and how he managed the House of Representatives. He needed to keep his Republicans in order, and make sure non of them voted for slavery, then he needed to try to reach across the isle to get democratic votes through back room deals and political rhetoric. All this secrecy in the house reminds me of a certain health care law that was shoved down the throats of the American public. Not that what Lincoln did was wrong, unlike the Affordable Care Act. Abolishing slavery is morally and logically sound. I wish I could say that about Obamacare, but let's face it, if it isn't repealed before it goes into action then this country has gone to hell. The worst part is once it's in action, there's no getting rid of it. Let's just hope that our president's inbox is too filled to listen to Steven Spielberg's annoying voice.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Talking Points

This is where you will be armed with talking points, facts, and arguments, so look out for these.

The White House and Washington

While yes, the Petraeus scandal has caught the eye of the media on Benghazi (finally), there has been little to no coverage of the tax increases that the house and senate democrats are proposing. Fortuatly, most house republicans signed a no new taxes pledge, so I don't suspect that even if the democrats shove this down congress's throat (as they did with obamacare), hold secret meetings, and make back room deals under the radar of the liberal media, no republicans will vote on this, which is good because then it won't pass house, which means we won't slow job growth down even more. Let's just all pray that's how it pans out, or we will see at least two more years of the last four, or even worse. Keep reading if you want to know the scary truth.

The Media

Check this out, it's a great blog, a Media outlet that isn't wrong:

Monday, November 12, 2012

Quote of the Week

"America isn't just a land, it's an idea, a belief. To me, America is justice, freedom, and the ability to live the life you want" -Me

The White House and Washington

So I think that by now you have probably heard about the Petraeus scandal that has erupted. Before I give my commentary on the whole issue let's just give some facts:

  • David Petraeus was CIA director during Benghazi
  • People on the ground say that Benghazi was a terrorist attack, but Petraeus says it was something spontaneous due to a video
  • An affair with his photographer comes out
  • Petraeus Resigns
  • He is no longer scheduled to testify, but instead the #2 guy in the CIA Michael Morell
  • Petraeus's mistress tells the press that Petraeus told her it was a terrorist attack because the CIA had Libyan militia members in captivity and the attack was in hope to retrieve the captured men
  • The decision to give a seal team to the consulate, as requested, was President Obama's
I find it a little convenient that Petraeus resigned, and the this whole scandal just came out, after the election and before his testimony was due. I do find it very overwhelming that Petraeus's mistress is saying what she is saying, I think it just proves how poor of a leader Barack Obama is.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

The White House and Washington

This will probably be the most updated page of all the pages. It is here that Harry Reid, Barack Obama, and Nancy Pelosi's back room deals and liberal rhetoric will be exposed. I think it is safe to say Barack Obama is the worst president we have ever seen as a nation and how he was re-elected, I don't know. I will give the man some credit, he is a very charismatic guy, and an incredible communicator (not as good as Reagan but still). I can't think of another person who could have such a bad economy, such a bad standing in the world, and such controversial domestic policy and get re-elected. Well, he did it, and we are gonna have to live with it, but that doesn't mean that we shouldn't look at and question what he does. And that's what I plan to do. Read in the near future if you want to know the scary truth.

The Media

Here is where the media will be exposed for it's bias towards liberal ideology and Barack Obama. If it weren't for Fox News (and don't roll your eyes, even I will admit they are biased) then the American public would only be feed what the liberals want them to hear. Come back and read in the near future if you want to know the scary truth.

Way Out There Hollywood

Now this page will probably be written about a little less then the other two, but non the lees you should definitely check this out. Aside from Clint Eastwood and Reagan, pretty much every actor and celebrity is liberal (yes there are others, I just named those two because they are outspoken conservatives). Now movies influence society a lot, and I won't lie, I love movies, the good ones especially. But you need to recognize that to most movies that may seem on the surface like they are just there for you to watch a shooting scene, of for you to cry (ehemmm pixar), but a lot of movies have an underlying message, and that message is most of the time liberal. And as you read this blog you see me use the "L" word a lot, and that is because it is convenient. I am sorry if using the "L" has a negative connotation attached (as it should) but some things are just liberal.